All the associates and members of TalentCy   have worked at top positions in different Big Pharmaceutical Cies or in reknowed Institutions or Academia.


Those comprised "inter alia" :   

  • Bristol Myers Squib
  • BiotechTools
  • Capsugel
  • Eli Lilly
  • GSK Vaccines
  • Novinject
  • Farchim
  • Genoway
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • MCE
  • Mithra Pharma
  • Neolix
  • Auxin
  • Next Pharma
  • Pharmacia
  • Pierre Fabre médicaments
  • UCB Pharma
  • Root Line Technology
  • Qualicaps
  • IMI


Almost all the associates are knowing each others since a long time and have decided to gather their Talents and their References in the TalentCy  association.

They have all created their own Consulting Cies or Professional Assistance offices.

The long lasting mutual trust between all the members is in itself the most convincing reference.