DeleersProjects s.p.r.l. Managing Dir. , OnCoBel s.a. CEO
micheldeleers@deleersprojects.be, micheldeleers@gmail.com

Summary of Experience 

  • C.E.O. at OnCoBel s.a.
  • General Manager at Deleers-Projects s.p.r.l.
  • Industrial Collaborator at BEAMS (Polytechnic School)  at ULB
  • Master of Teaching (School of Pharmacy) at ULB School of Med
  • Conférencier Pharmed at Université Libre de Bruxelles

Previous Experience

  • Vice President Pharmaceutical Development UCB Pharma,
  • 22 patents in Formulation and Drug delivery.
  • More than  100 papers, articles & books in R&D,  in formulation,  devices and DDS. 
  • 9 Years of R&D in Academia (74-83),
  • 27 years in Pharma  Industry (83-2010)
Business Experience
  • 27 years in Pharma Industry + 9 years of Research in Universities.
  • Deeply Involved in the Technical Development of 2 Blockbusters (Zyrtec = 5 patents  and Keppra = 6 patents)
  • Numerous Due DiligencePreparation of dossiers ( FP7-NMP, BioWin, CTD tech Part, reports, iso13485 devices,…)
  • French (Mother tongue)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Dutch (Basic)
Location & Mobility
  • Living in Belgium
  • Used to travel  in Europa& in all geographic area

Services Offered

  • Project Management in technical developments (Pharmaceutical, Analytical, Chemical, Devices, Formulation, DDS..)
  • Innovation Management in Developments and Manufacturing departments
  • Creation of Spin Out and Spin Off
  • Management of FP7 European project and of BioWin projects
  • Team management
  • Due Diligence in technical developments