Governance & Key Working Principles

The TalentCy association is managed by a Board of three Members who are currently:  Robert Binamé (Chairman),  Martine Draguet (Secretary),  Michel Deleers (Member)

The membership is subject to meeting a defined set of requirements described in the association charter (see below) and reviewed by the Board.

Each Member is expected to adhere to the highest ethical practices which are defined in the association’s charter.


The TalentCy Member will strictly observe the terms of Confidentiality he/she has agreed with his/her Clients.

Unless he/she has received a written authorization from his/her Client, he/she will never disclose any confidential information from his/her Clients to other TalentCy Members including the Board.


Governance & Membership Charter

The charter must be signed by each member but will not be displayed on the website.

Some of the Principles of the membership and governance charter's are given herebelow :

  • The Adherence to an Ethical Behavior
  • The Respect of Strict Confidentiality Requirements
  • That TalentCy organisation will not be liable for the Activities of its Members
  • That TalentCy organisation will never be involved in any Financial Transaction with its Members and their Clients.
  • No Membership fee to be paid. Small expenses will be equally paid by existing Members.
  • The Membership Eligibility criteria are at least 15 years of experience in the field and sponsoring by at least 2 members.