TalentCy  is a "de facto" association* gathering a limited number of complementary and experienced persons working in the Life Sciences disciplines.


Mutual trust, professional ethics and strict adherence to the TalentCy  charter** are the foundations of this association.


It aims to give to each Member and its own Clients, the possibility to be helped on some missions by colleagues whose professionalism is well known; primarily when there is a need for a different profile


It allows also potential Customers to find in a single place a set of diversified, trusted, reliable and specialised talents available for temporary short term to long-term missions.


TalentCy  is not a commercial organisation and each of its Members remains legally fully independent from the Association.


NEW:  A summary of the contribution of some members is given in Expertise 



* "de facto association" or "Association de Fait" according to the Belgian Law

** Principles of the charter are given under Governance